What’s New In Camera Bags?

Advances in camera bag layout do not generally proceed at the breakneck pace of digital technology, and some tried-and-true examples (like my conflict scarred 30-year-old Domke F-2, right) have endured virtually unchanged for years. But over the last year or two I’ve noticed a distinct spurt in creative camera bag layouts, many offering innovative and powerful new ways to bag your equipment.
Some brand new totes provide more convenient ways to carry and access your equipment, including your notebook, that trademark of the electronic revolution. Others extend your choices by converting from shoulder bags to backpacks, rolling along with wheels, or simply looking ultra-cool and trendy.
To provide you with a taste of what is out there and what makes it special, I’ve gathered a baker’s dozen of the newest models and present them on the delectation within the duration of this week. We hope you find something intriguing and useful that matches your kind of shooting into a T–we sure did! The main compartment is totally foam-padded with numerous flexible, foam-padded dividers to protect digital or film SLRs, 4-5 lenses and a flash. The camera with a long zoom lens attached is suspended on two vertical, foam-padded dividers which are internally reinforced with rigid plastic. There’s another pocket for a little laptop or tablet .
A restraint strap holds the lens firmly in place. A plastic, foam-padded platform in the bottom provides shock protection while a LockDown rain flap protects the zipper from the elements. A harness system with dual density comfort pads enables airflow while an adjustable belt and expandable sternum strap allow for finer adjustments. The tote features two outer pockets in back in addition to a fast-access tripod attachment method.
Those people who write about the latest photo gear may not necessarily be of the generation that is purchasing the stuff; same bargain with those who create cameras and accessories. Case in point: Tenba. The bag manufacturer understood that although an older generation may favor black camera bags, this may not be the situation for the younger set. Input the hipster-friendly Vector lineup, which can manage a variety water-resistant bags which are both practical and stylish.


The Krypton Green Vector 3 Shoulder Bag is made from strong 600 Denier nylon and is rocky and weather-resistant. Snap-closure over-sized rain and cover cover provide additioinal protection. The exterior includes a handy accessory pocket that enables you to catch essential items without needing to open the entire bag. There’s plenty of internal components –enough to hold a DSLR body with four or three lenses, flash and other gear in addition to smaller gear like memory cards, filters and those other smaller but mandatory components that go into getting the shot. Tenba has even thought to add a handy microfiber lens cloth. Padded, adjustable dividers let you sculpt the main compartment of the bag to match whatever gear you need to carry for that day’s gig.
The Tamrac Velocity 8z Pro Photo Sling Pack (Gray/Burgundy) was created for a prosumer DSLR (like the Canon 70D or Nikon D7100) with a zoom lens up to 8.0″ attached, 2 additional lenses, a flash and accessories. Inside, a foam-padded compartment provides storage and protection for an iPad. The padded sling strap allows the pack to be swung around to the front for camera access without having to take out the pack. The bag’s secure zippered Quick Flip Top opens away from the body for quick and easy access to camera equipment. The front section has organizer pockets to maintain a phone and photo accessories within easy reach while the lid can be used to store filters and lens caps. It also features Tamrac’s Memory and Battery Management System and can be part of Tamrac’s Modular Accessory System so optional accessories can be readily added.