Choosing and Setting Up a Tripod for Your Digital Camera

You can stabilize and position your digital camera by attaching it to a tripod. What kind of tripod you get depends on how you plan to use it. To pick out a tripod and then put it to use with your digital camera:


1Choose the type of tripod you need.

Still-photo tripods position the camera and lock it in place. Tabletop tripods work well for close-up photography. A monopod is just a single tripod leg that you can use to stabilize a shot (and it’s ultra portable).


2Attach your digital camera to the tripod’s quick-connect plate.

Most tripods include a quick-connect plate like the one shown in this figure.


3Adjust the legs of the tripod to the height you want to use.

Extend or retract your tripod’s legs to the height that’s right for you and the shot.


4Adjust the head and camera angle until you get the view you want.

Once you frame the subject and get the view you want, you’re ready to snap your photos.